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20 Easy Fall Activities for Toddlers

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This collection of easy Fall activities for toddlers will keep your one, two or three year old busy this Fall with these easy toddler activities.

fall activities for toddler - easy and fun toddler craft fall activity ideas to do at home pinterest

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The colors are beautiful, the weather is perfect and there are so many great Fall crafts and Fall activities for toddlers that you can do!

If you're looking for Fall themed crafts, activities and sensory play then this collection of over easy Fall Activities for toddlers will have you covered! Honestly, you have no excuse now!

Fall Activities for Toddlers

We put the call out in our Facebook group for some of their favorite easy fall toddler activities and I'm sure you'll love their activity ideas as much as I do.

Fall themed sensory bin for toddlers
Ada shared her beautiful Fall themed sensory bin setup using colored rice, oats and craft fall leaves.

While this looks amazing, it's actually pretty easy to set up.

fall activities for toddlers

Fall leaf themed dramatic play setup

April shared here Fall inspired dramatic play setup with us.

She used some small pumpkins (you could use pretend one like these), a pumpkin themed tablecloth and some fall craft leaves.

Fall themed dramatic play setup for toddlers 1 2 3 year olds

Sweeping Leaves

Emily shared her fall toddler activity idea - sweeping leaves.

Once again these craft leaves work great for this, but you could also set it up outside with real leaves too (use chalk instead of tape).

You can get a cute toddler size broom set HERE on Amazon.

sweeping leaves fall toddler activities

Painting Fall Leaves

Another fun toddler Fall activity is to paint leaves. Elise shared her fall leaf painting with us.

I love how bright the colors are and how she displayed the finished work in a frame.

Emily also set up some leaf painting uses paper leaves (you can get sets like this ready to decorate).

By using a dropper (I LOVE this set) and watercolor paints it creates a really great effect.

leaf painting toddler fall activity idea for 2 or 3 year olds
fall leaf painting for toddlers 2 year old 3 year old

Raking Leaves Sensory Play for Toddlers

This is such a relaxing Fall activity for toddlers.

We used a base of sand (you want to use play sand for these) and then added the craft leaves and a rake. So simple.

Raking leaves fall sandbox activity for toddlers

Easy Fall tree collage craft

Nilofer shared this easy fall toddler activity idea - draw a simple tree and then used colored paper to create a collage.

When creating a collage with a toddler I recommend using a glue stick and then covering the whole picture with glue and then letting them stick on the paper.

As they get older they can try using the glue stick themselves.

easy fall collage craft for toddlers -an easy fall activity idea

Fall Counting, Coloring and Drawing Free Printable

These free printable fall coloring pages are a great way to learn numbers to ten. Get your free copy HERE.

Free Printable Toddler Preschool Fall Leaves Number Tracing and coloring sheets

Cotton Ball Fall Tree Painting

Another fun Fall painting toddler activity was shared with us by Fame.

Once again using our favorite droppers to paint the cotton bud tree leaves. You can use food coloring & water or watered down paints to make this work.

cotton ball fall leaf painting activity for toddlers

Fall Handprint Toddler Craft

This Fall handprint leaf craft was shared by Heather. Simply use paints on canvas and then use a sharpie to draw the leaf outline.

I would recommend acrylic paints like these for this however they are not washable paints to old clothes are a must when doing this toddler activity!

This could make a great gift idea.

fall handprint craft fall footprint craft for toddlers

Fall Leaf Sticker Craft for Toddlers

I LOVE using stickers with toddlers and they are great for crafts like this fall leaf tree shared by Patrice.

You can get large packs of stickers like these ones HERE.

I prefer the foam stickers as they are easier for younger toddlers to use.

fall leaf craft for toddlers aged 2 years and 3 years

Fall Tree Craft Using Real Leaves

Samantha used real leaves for her Fall tree craft - doesn't it look great!

fall tree craft for toddlers = a fun activity for 1,2,3 year olds

Easy Fall Leaf Sorting Activity for Toddlers

This Fall toddler activity was shared by Stephanie - so easy too! All you need is some bags and draw or stick on a picture of different colored leaves.

What a fun way to take a nature hike or walk in the park and turn it into a fun Fall themed toddler activity idea.

Bubble Wrap Fall Leaf Painting

I love this toddler painting activity shared by Tylisha - using bubble wrap to paint.

Wrap your child's hand in bubble wrap and have them dip it in the paint and stamp it onto the leaves. It creates a great pattern.

You can get pre-cut leaves or make your own and I if you don't have bubble wrap you can get some easily on Amazon HERE.

bubble wrap leaf painting fall activities for toddlers

Don't these bubble wrapped fall leaves look amazing when finished!

bubble wrap painting on fall leaves toddler activities

Apple Wash Fall Activity

Sara shared this fun apple washing activity idea - another really easy Fall toddler activity idea. You can use real apples or the pretend play ones like these.

apple wash fall toddler activity idea for 1 year old, 2 year old 3 year old

Easy Fall Themed Sensory Bin

Sandy shared her fall sensory bin made with straw and some fall themed items she already had (pumpkins, craft leaves).

She also added some animals (not technically Fall themed but who cares - it makes it fun!)

Don't be afraid to let your toddler get a bit messy with their sensory bin. Placing a mat next to it so play can move onto the floor is a great idea.

Fall themed paper plate lion toddler craft

paper plate leaf lion fall themed activity for toddlers

Fall Themed Paper Plate Lion Craft

Sandy shared her fun fall themed paper plate lion craft - once again using the humble paper plate and those craft leaves that we are loving so much!

paper plate leaf lion fall themed activity for toddlers

Fall Themed Toddler Sensory Bin

Noelle's Fall themed sensory bin shows that a sensory bin doesn't need to be messy. This is a simple collection of Fall colored items, some spoons and scoops and that's all you really need.

fall themed sensory bin

Easy Apple Collage Craft for Toddlers

Michelle shared this fun and easy apple collage craft.

Simply cut out an apple shape and use red or green scrap paper to make a collage.

Remember that it's always easier with younger toddlers to put the glue all over the picture first and then all they need to do is stick the paper on.

Let your toddler rip up the paper themselves if they can, as this is a great fine motor activity.

apple collage craft for fall - a fun and easy toddler fall activity idea.

Fall Leaves with Playdough

This activity shared by Laura is a great one to setup if you want a few minutes to yourself!

All you need is playdough (I always recommend THIS pack) and some leaf cookie cutters - I have this set at home and it's great for Fall activities.

fall leaves out of playdough - simple fall themed toddler activity

Leaf Coloring and Tracing

This easy Fall toddler activity was shared by Emily. Coloring precut Fall leaves and then tracing around them.

The idea to put craft paper underneath is such a good idea!

coloring and tracing leaves fall activity toddlers

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autumn and fall sensory play for toddlers pinterest

Fall Sensory Bins for Toddlers

If that's still not enough, we have a great collection of Fall themed sensory bins for toddlers. You'll never run out of toddler Fall ideas again! You can find our huge collection of Fall themed sensory bins for toddlers HERE. 

fall sensory bins for 1 2 and 3 year olds pinterest

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I hope you enjoy all of these toddler Fall activities! Make sure you share photos of your toddler fall crafts and activities in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram.

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