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Fall Activities for Toddlers

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This collection of Fall activities for toddlers will keep your one, two or three year old busy! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! The colors are beautiful, the weather is perfect and there are so many great Fall crafts and Fall activities for toddlers that you can do! If you're looking for Fall themed crafts, activities and sensory play then this collection of over 100 Fall Activities for toddlers will have you covered! Honestly, you have no excuse now!

100 Fall Activities for Toddlers

100+ Fall Activities for Toddlers

Whenever a new season arrives, I love to stock up on all of my themed craft supplies. It makes all of these activities so much easier when you have a good collection of supplies at hand. I don't spend a lot, and most of these are only a few dollars each. These perfectly complement my toddler craft box which has all of my essentials as well.

Some of my favorite Fall craft items are:

Fall Craft Activities for 2 and 3 year olds

This collection of Fall craft activities will keep you're 2 or 3 year old entertained for a LONG time! Containing crafts like apple rubbings, leaf paintings, wreaths and nature crafts, you can find over 40 Fall Craft ideas for toddlers HERE. 

Fall Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers 

Along with crafts, I love creating sensory play activities for the Fall season and we've found some of the best sensory play ideas. There are over 60 easy and fun toddler sensory play ideas that are just perfect for Fall HERE. 

autumn and fall sensory play for toddlers pinterest

Fall Sensory Bins for Toddlers

If that's still not enough, we have a great collection of Fall themed sensory bins for toddlers. You'll never run out of toddler Fall ideas again! You can find our huge collection of Fall themed sensory bins for toddlers HERE. 

fall sensory bins for 1 2 and 3 year olds pinterest

Apple themed toddler crafts and activities 

Do you associate Fall with apples like I do? Check out all of our apple themed toddler crafts and activities HERE. 

Apple Themed Activities for Toddlers - Crafts, Fine and Gross Motor, Learning and More

I hope you enjoy all of these toddler Fall activities! Make sure you share photos of your toddler fall crafts and activities in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram – Use #MyBoredToddler so we can see! You can also sign up to our weekly newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Pinterest for more great toddler activities and ideas.

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