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Shaving cream sensory play - red, white and blue

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We always love to get messy with sensory play, and this red white and blue shaving cream sensory play is perfect for holidays like 4th July and Memorial day. Suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, this is a fun and easy toddler activity that I know they'll love!

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Shaving Cream Sensory Play - Red, White, Blue

If you've never let your toddler play with shaving cream then you really should give it a go! Its an easy toddler activity to set up, and one that they always love playing with. If you're worried about them getting it in their mouth or eyes you can easily substitute with whipped cream instead. For this sensory bin I recommend keeping it small as you want to keep the mess relatively contained!

What you need to make a red, white and blue sensory bin with shaving cream

red white blue shaving cream sensory play what you need

How to make your patriotic shaving cream sensory bin

red white blue sensory play 4th july step 1

Fill your container with shaving cream in 3 lines.

shaving cream red white blue step 2

Add a few drops of red and blue food coloring

shaving cream red white blue sensory play step 3

Mix the food coloring and the shaving cream together.

red white blue shaving cream sensory play idea

Let them play!

red white blue shaving cream 4th july

My children always love sensory activities like these ones. If you get a chance to try this activity, I'd love for you to share a photo in our Facebook group or on Instagram (use #MyBoredToddler so we can see them!).

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