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Construction Activities for Toddlers

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If you're homeschooling your toddler or are looking for fun toddler activities ideas, these construction-themed toddler activities will have you covered! The best part is that you can use the construction toys you already have!

construction activities for toddlers pinterest

Last month we shared some great car & truck activities for toddlers that were a HUGE hit, and we've extended on that theme with a construction twist. 

If you already have construction themed toys, you can use them for these fun toddler activities, or there are plenty of sets available. I like a set like this one (available HERE on Amazon)

Construction Activities for Toddlers

I also really like this construction worker dress up set too (you can get that one here on Amazon

construction dress ups

If you're like me you also want to match your themes with a great toddler book and for this one you just can't go past the classic Goodnight, Goodnight, Constrution Site (get a copy HERE). 

Construction Activities for Toddlers

Construction Themed Activities for Toddlers 

Let's get started! Here are our favorite construction themed activities for toddlers. I

'd love you to share a pic of your toddler engaged in one of these activities (or one of your own). You can share in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram - follow @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can all see. 

FREE printable Construction Playdough Mats

Get out the playdough and have fun with these construction themed playdough mats! They come in color and black and white and are a great fine motor activity.


Soap Foam Construction Play

This really is such and easy toddler activity to set up. You can see how to make the soap foam HERE.

soap foam sensory play 1 2 3 year olds

Construction Sensory Bins for Toddlers

These toddler construction sensory bins were shared from our amazing Facebook group members - they're a creative bunch!

This sand construction sensory bin was shared by Mithra and is a really easy one to set up. You can use regular play sand or kinetic sand and then add in your construction toys.

toddler construction sensory bin out of sand

Kristina used fake snow for the base of her construction sensory bin (you could even use real snow if you had some!). You can buy fake snow from Amazon HERE.

construction sensory bin for toddlers fake snow

Sara shared a pic of this sand construction sensory bin she set up from a kit. These premade kits are such a great idea - you can get similar ones HERE on Amazon

construction sensory bin using a kit

This construction sensory bin was shared by Val - she used kinetic sand in one side and crushed cocoa pops in the other.

construction themed sensory bin

This construction themed sensory bin was shared by Deb - she used rolled oats and bread crumbs as the base and added in her construction toys and some rocks.

I love the little road signs she has too - you can get a similar set HERE.

construction digger themed sensory bin for toddlers and preschool using oats and bread crumbs.

Jamie also used kinetic sand for her construction play. She used a tray for hers proving that simple really does work!

This would only take a minute or two to set up and I bet they played with this a lot!

easy sand sensory bin for a construction theme

I couldn't leave out this amazing tuff tray construction sensory play idea shared by Sylvia (you can find her on Instagram @the_woodlets)

She used road tape (you can get it HERE - it's cheap and such a fun thing to create setups with!). She also used some guttering for the ramp. What a great idea!

construction themed sensory tuff tray

This construction setup by Alija looks amazing but isn't as difficult to setup as you might think.

She shared this in our group as a birthday party activity but you could do it at home too.

You can see the base is a large tv box filled with sand and then some smaller containers with water. Such fun!

construction themed setup for a birthday party 1

More Construction Themed Toddler Activities

Scooping Pom Poms - This activity was shared by Stacey. Use your diggers to scoop up pom poms.

scooping pom poms toddler activity
Construction Activities for Toddlers

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Construction Activities for Toddlers

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constuction sensory play

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I hope you enjoy these construction toddler activities as much as we did! Don't forget that we can't wait to see a picture in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram. 

Have you seen our Construction Printable Bundle? You can get it on sale for only $4 (normally $12) HERE.

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