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Toddler Busy Bags

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If you have a toddler then you'll know that getting a moment to yourself to make dinner or gulp down a quick cup of coffee can be almost impossible! The ideas of these toddler busy bags is to provide you with some ideas that you can very quickly give to your toddler, with little set up required, to keep them busy for 5 or 10 minutes. More if you're lucky!

Toddler Busy Bags - a collection of busy bags for one and two year olds. Quiet bin activities for toddlers. Easy and simple activities for toddlers to keep them busy when you need them to be quiet and entertained.

Toddler Busy Bags

If you've never heard of toddler busy bags then you are going to LOVE this post! Busy bags are small activities designed to fit into a large zip lock bag or small container that you can use for those times when you really need to keep your toddler entertained without having access to their usual variety of toys. They are perfect for doctors waiting rooms, cafes and those times when you need to make a quick phone call.

I store them at home in large zip lock bags like these ones, but when you go out I like to put them into a small backpack to make it 'extra special'.

I've found some of the best toddler busy bags that are perfect for one, two and three year olds and that I'm sure you will love. There are 16 great ideas here and I'd love to hear your favorite. Make sure you also join our Toddler Facebook group for more great ideas and discussions about all things toddlers!


Toddler Busy Bags image 1

No Sew Button Snake - Twitchetts

Easy Puzzle Bag - One Creative Mommy

Mix & Match Penguin - Teach Me Mommy

Rainbow Busy Bag - Views from a Step Stool

toddler busy bags image 2

Fairy Busy Bag - Little Worlds Big Adventures

Rainbow Color Sorting - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Nuts and Bolts - Preschool Powol Packets

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Match Up - Every Star is Different

toddler busy bags image 3

Color Wheel -  Natural Beach Living

Velcro and Foam Chain - School Time Snippets

Car Track Busy Bag - Adventures and Play

Apple Color Sorting - The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide

busy bags for toddlers toddler busy bag collection image 4

Superhero Mix & Match - School Time Snippets

Shapes Busy Bag - Arty Momma

Apple Fine Motor Busy Bag - Adventures and Play

Egg Carton Pom Pom Sort - The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide


If you're keen to set up your own busy bags but don't really have the time to make them all yourself, then I recommend THIS BOOK. It has the templates all ready to print out so that you can make your own busy bags and it's perfect for 2 and 3 year olds. You can get your (digital) copy HERE. 

toddler busy bags

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