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Best Camping Items for Toddlers

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Best Camping Items for Toddlers

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If you're looking for some of the best camping items for toddlers, then we've found them for you. Honestly, the thought of going camping with a toddler scared me at first. When I thought of how much stuff we have at home and how little room we have in our car to take most of that, I worried how we would entertain a 2 year old for a week. Not only that, but where would she nap? Where would she play? Should I pack a high chair?

If you're planning on camping frequently with toddlers, then I highly recommend investing in some of these awesome camping items for toddlers. Some of them are super practical and some of them are definitely more of the 'wish list' type items, but they're all definitely worth a look!

Portable Toddler Cot

If your toddler sleeps in their own bed, then this is so much easier (and smaller to pack) than a traditional port-a-cot. It's also provides a great place to sit and play during the day as well. I love that it folds up super small, taking up almost no room in the car. We actually use ours all year round as it's great for when they have sleepovers or when we are travelling.

BUY NOW from Amazon 

portable toddler cot for camping


Camping Bunk Beds

These are perfect if you have an older child as well. They can also be pulled apart and used as single beds.  BUY NOW from Amazon. 
toddler bunk beds

Portable Bed for Naps 

If you don't want to be confined to the tent for nap time, this is perfect for setting up wherever you are. It's great for keeping the mosquitoes away too. Available in blue or pink you can BUY NOW from Amazon 

portable nap time camping toddlers


Baby Dome 

If you have a baby with you, then you'll love the baby dome. Perfect for naps and for playing, and so easy to pack up and carry. BUY NOW from Amazon.

Baby Dome

Toddler Camp Chair

If you don't want your toddler claiming your comfy camping chair, you'll have to get them their own! There are so many cute designs to choose from but this Melissa and Doug chair is our favorite. BUY NOW from Amazon.

toddler camp chair Melissa and Doug

Portable High Chair

This has been one of the best items we invested in! Perfect for camping with a toddler, but great for day trips to the park or the beach too. It's available in pink and green and you can BUY NOW from Amazon. 

camping high chair toddler

Camping Pretend Play Set 

While the beauty of camping is not having to take all of their toys with them, I do recommend taking a few. This camping pretend play set is the perfect way to get them into the camping mood! BUY NOW from Amazon. 

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Travel Potty Chair

If you're at that toilet training stage you don't want your child to regress and go back to wearing nappies, but you also don't want to get caught out. This travel potty chair folds up for easy carrying and comes with refillable disposable bags. BUY NOW from Amazon. 

travel potty chair toddlers camping

Phil & Ted's Toddler Backpack Carrier

If you're planning on going hiking you can be almost certain your toddler will get 5 minutes into it and want to be carried. A good quality back pack can really help in this situation. While there are some really cheap ones on the market, as with a normal baby carrier you want to go for a quality brand. We really love this Phil & Ted carrier which is available here. 

phil & ted's backpack carrier


Portable Play Pen

While you definitely want your toddler to be able to explore, just like at home there are going to be times when you need them to stay in one place! This portable play pen pops up easily and folds down easy too. BUY NOW from Amazon. 

toddler play pen portable camping



Toddler Flashlight

If you want to keep your toddler entertained at night then give them a flashlight! Such simple fun that they will love. There are plenty to choose from but we really love this fire fly one from Melissa and Dough. BUY NOW from Amazon. 

toddler camping flashlightBinoculars 

These toddler size binoculars are great for animal spotting. I like to team these up with a nature scavenger hunt and the kids always love it! BUY NOW from Amazon. 

toddler camping binoculars

Magnifying Glass

Just like the binoculars, the magnifying glass will inspire all kinds of nature play. You'll be amazed how long they will be entertained by this! BUY NOW from Amazon 

toddler magnifying glass

I hope you've found our list of the best camping items for toddlers helpful.

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