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The Best Dinosaur Books for Toddlers

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I have found the best dinosaur books for toddlers - trust me! We've been putting together a big dinosaur theme for you, and the most important part is always the books. There are so many toddler dinosaur books, but some aren't so great. I've spent hours at my local library looking through them all and I've found my favorites. These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and some of these will go on to be favorite books I'm sure!

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The Best Dinosaur Books for Toddlers

I love writing book list recommendations like my very popular 50 Great Books for Toddlers and my newer Audio Book Recommendations.  As a teacher I believe that if you can only do one activity with your child each day, make it reading. They will learn so much from a good book (even a bad book really) and it's the key to developing a love of reading. You'll notice that I try to link all of the activities on this site to a book and you can do that too. Even if you don't have the one we recommend, find a similar one.

Here are my favorite toddler dinosaur books. It's not a huge list, but I love each and every one of these!

Dinosaur Dance 

This book is heaps of fun, and you may have seen me mention that we used this as the book to read with our dinosaur puppets activity too. This is a short, simple book that is perfect for this age group. You can read more about the book and buy it HERE on Amazon. 

dinosaur dance book book for toddlers

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!

This is a great action book with lots of repetition and rhyme which this age group love! We read this book before doing our muddy dinosaur sensory bin.  You can get this book HERE on Amazon. stomp dinosaur stomp

The Pop Up Dinosaurs Galore 

I LOVE all of Giles Andreae books and Dinosaurs Galore was going to be on this list until I discovered there was a pop up version!! This book has all the great things you would expect in a book from this award winning author and it will definitely be one that is read over and over again as you child gets older. You can get this book HERE on Amazon. 

dinosaurs galore books for toddlers

That's not my dinosaur

You'll notice that almost all of my book lists feature a book from the 'That's not my .... ' series. These books are adored by toddlers and because they are a sturdy board book they're perfect for the younger age groups. They love the touch and feel part of the books. You can get this one HERE on Amazon.

that's not my dinosaur


This book is a simple factual book  - perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and great to get a discussion started about dinosaurs. It's a best selling book in this category so definitely one to check out. You can get this book HERE on Amazon. 

Hello World Dinosaurs

Rumble With the Dinosaurs

You know we can't have a toddler book list without one that makes noise. I'll let you make your own decision on these. Toddlers LOVE them, but parents not so much! It is a great book though! You can get this one HERE on Amazon. 

Pop Up Dinosaurs

I've already mentioned that pop up books are always popular (better for slightly older toddlers who won't rip them!) and this is a great one. Each page has a fun little rhyme too so definitely add this one to your list! You can get Pop Up Dinosaurs HERE from Amazon. 

I hope you've enjoyed this collection of the best dinosaur books for toddlers.

I'd love you to share your reviews or some pics of your toddler reading these dinosaur books on Instagram (@myboredtoddler) using #MyBoredToddler or in our Facebook Group. You can also follow my best books for toddler board on Pinterest for more great book recommendations.

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