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Strawberry & Mango Ice blocks for Kids

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Strawberry & Mango Ice Blocks for Kids

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My kids love these homemade strawberry & mango ice blocks and I've been making them since they were only little. Smaller versions are great for teething, and I love to use them as treats on hot days. If you've ever looked at the ingredients in store bought ice blocks you'll find a lot of sugars and additives, but these contain nothing but fruit. If you have a fussy eater (I do!) these are a great way to get some fruit into them.

There are lots of different ice block moulds you can buy, and they all work just as well. Some of my favorite ones are below, but I find these ones are the best for toddlers as they don't spill as much as the others.

I sometimes refer to these as my no waste ice blocks. Whenever my kids leave half eaten fruit, I pop it into a freezer bag until I have enough to make these. It saves food from being wasted and the fruit freezes really well. I've also made these with store bought frozen strawberries and mango fresh ones haven't been in season.

How to make strawberry & mango ice blocks

You need:

6 strawberries

½ a large mango

½ cup of water

What to do:

Mix everything together in a blender (I really love my Magic Baby Bullet) and pour into the moulds.

Leave in the freezer to set (normally takes about 2 hours).

This recipe couldn't be easier and you can easily mix up the flavors. I add whatever fruit I have around and they are great for using up the fruit that's on its way to being thrown out.
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Another great way that I get my kids to eat fruit is with smoothies. Our Strawberry & banana smoothie recipe has been a huge hit and is also one of our most popular posts.

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