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Christmas Activities to do at home with Toddlers (easy!)

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If you find all of the 'Pinteresty' ideas for toddler Christmas activities a little bit too unrealistic you'll love this collection of Christmas activities that you can do at home with toddlers - and we know that because we asked our lovely Facebook Group members to share pictures of the Christmas activities that their toddlers took part in. I am so impressed with how creative everyone was and couldn't wait to share the ideas with everyone.   

easy christmas toddler activity ideas to do at home pinterest

Toddler Christmas Activities to do at home 

Now these activities don't all come with instructions but they are all pretty self-explanatory from the pictures. If you have a great toddler Christmas activity that you can do at home make sure to join our Facebook group and share yours too! 

Tissue Paper Santa 

tissue paper santa for toddlers to make

Adree made this cute tissue paper santa - you can get the printable HERE. 

Painted Stockings 

painted stocking easy toddler craft for Christmas

Alisha made these painted stockings. I know that theses will be such a great keepsake year after year - especially when they kids get older! I recommend using washable paint like THIS ONE. 

Christmas Tree 

easy christmas tree craft for toddlers

Beci shared this Christmas tree activity with you - you could do this in a few different ways - using stickers, using cut out pictures, loose parts (items that you can put on and take off) or even magnets if you wanted to put it on a fridge. 

Snowman Pegs 

snomwan painted pegs toddler Christmas activity

Beci also made these snowman pegs - what a great idea! 

Footprint Christmas Keepsake Art 

footprint Christmas art for toddlers beci

Another great idea from Beci - Christmas keepsakes made from footprints. These would be great on Canvas as gifts for family members. 

Paper Chain Snowman Counting 

paper chain snowman toddler Christmas activity

Jessica and her daughter made these paper chain snowmen and used it as a way to learn numbers and counting too. 

Christmas Playdough Play 

Christmas Cookie Cutter playdough for toddlers

Don't overthink your play - changing your cookie cutters that you use with your playdough is such an easy way to set up a toddler Christmas activity. Thanks to Alissa for sharing this photo. You can get Christmas cookie cutters HERE. 

Handprint Reindeer Painting 

Reindeers with handprints toddler craft for Christmas

Alissa also made this cute reindeer painting. You can see more toddler Handprint keepsake craft ideas HERE. 

Decorated Playdough Christmas Trees 

playdough christmas tree craft for toddlers inviation to play candie

Candie made these Christmas trees using home made playdough (if you prefer to buy your own I recommend this pack or you can use my playdough recipe HERE). 

decorating playdough christmas trees - easy Christmas activity for toddlers candie

They turned out great!

Magna Tiles and Jingle Bells on the Light Table 

magnatiles and jingle bells on the light tableCrystal set up magnatiles and jingle bells on the light table - what a great idea. If you've never heard of a light table, they are often used in early learning settings and are a great resource. You can get them HERE on Amazon and can get the Magnatiles HERE. 

Christmas Tree Loose Parts Play 

wooden christmas trees loose parts play for toddlers

Another of Crystal's great toddler activity ideas. You can get wooden Christmas trees (perhaps not as nice as these ones) from most craft stores - then use glue to stick on a variety of loose parts and items from your Christmas craft box. 

Gingerbread Playdough 

Gingerbread playdough crystal

Crystal also set up a Gingerbread playdough activity (I have a great playdough recipe HERE if you need one - just add in some ground ginger). Continue the Gingerbread theme with our fun Gingerbread oobleck messy play too. 

Toddler Made Christmas Wrapping Paper 

toddler made Christmas wrapping paper

I love the idea of using bingo dabbers (I recommend the Do-a-Dot ones) to make wrapping paper - thanks again Crystal for sharing this idea. You can get long rolls of brown paper HERE. 

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Craft 

popsicle tree Christmas craft for toddler to make

Ivy shared this popsicle tree Christmas craft idea. The trick to making this easier for toddlers it to have the popsicle sticks pre-glued (a hot glue gun works best) and use adhesive gems (you can get them here) to make it even easier. 

Yarn Wrapped Reindeer Christmas Craft 

yarn and popsicle stick reindeers ivy williams

Ivy kept going with the popsicle stick crafts with these cute reindeer! 

Christmas Water Play 

Christmas water play for toddlers

Christmas water play - add Christmas ornaments, Christmas balls and lots of glitter! Thanks to Crystal for another great toddler Christmas activity idea. 

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers 

Christmas tree hand print craft for toddlers

Amy made a cute handprint Christmas tree - a nice easy toddler painting activity and one that will make a great gift! 

Loose parts Christmas Tree Play with Tape 

loose parts Christmas tree play for toddlers

Use tape to shape out a Christmas tree and then use Christmas themed loose parts and let them decorate - how good does Crystal's tree look! 

Paper Plate Santa With Cotton Balls 

paper plate santa craft for toddlers using cotton balls

Kim made these cute Santa's out of paper plates and cotton wool balls. 

Cotton Wool Ball Snowman Craft 

cotton ball snowman craft

While you still have to cotton wool balls out try Amy's snowman too! How cute! 

Handprint and Footprint Rudolph Paintings 

handprint and footprint rudolph paintings

Lisa made these cute Rudolph paintings using hand prints and foot prints - cute! 

Gingerbread House decorating

cynthia steele gingerbread house

Get your toddler involved in baking like Cynthia did! You can always buy a premade house and let them decorate them or  if you're just doing it for fun use a cardboard house like this one! 

Salt Dough Ornaments 

salt dough ornaments for toddlers to make

Colleen shared this great picture of them making salt dough ornaments. These are always a great gift idea and fun to make too. I have a great salt dough recipe HERE. 

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees 

Ice cream cone Christmas trees

Jamie made ice cream cone Christmas trees - what fun! 

Snowman Posting 

snowman posting toddler activity

Dani made this great snowman posting activity - perfect for toddler fine motor skills! See more activities from Dani over at Play Inspired Mum. 

Tinsel Name Recogniton 

tinsel name recognition

Another great idea from Play Inspired Mum. 

Candy Cane Hunt

Candy Cane Hunt toddler activity ideas for Christmas

What a fun idea from Tara! Find more fun ideas over at Play Time with the Henshalls on Instagram. 

Peppermint Scented Rice Sensory Table 

Peppermint scented rice sensory table

What an inviting sensory play table using peppermint scented rice - find more fun ideas by following Noticing the Happy on Instagram. 

Spaghetti Painted Christmas Wreath 

painting with spaghetti to make a Christmas wreath

Playtime with the Henshalls shared this fun idea too - painting with spaghetti! Love it! You can see our other Christmas paper plate wreath ideas HERE. 

Thank you to all of the members of our Facebook group who shared their toddler Christmas ideas (you can JOIN HERE if you're not already a member.)There were more ideas than I could fit into one post so stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! 

For more fun toddler activity ideas you can also follow along with us on Instagram. 

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