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DIY Shapes Mobile

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Shapes and colours are so much fun to learn about. This simple DIY celebrates both shapes and colours, opening up so many conversations! This toddler activity is a great way to introduce your little one to begin learning these vital lessons.  

DIY Shapes Mobile

DIY Shapes Mobile 

Talking about shapes and colours in every day travels is a great way to begin teaching how to identify them. Whether is discussing colours of the fruit on the snack plate or shapes on their sand bucket at the beach, every time your toddler hears these terms and correlates them to real life experiences is going to strengthen their comprehension.

Have fun with your toddler creating this simple toddler DIY Shapes Mobile craft idea. 

If you want to match this activity to a book then My Very First Book of Shapes is a great one. Available HERE on Amazon

What you need to make your DIY Shapes Mobile:

DIY Shapes Mobile

This easy toddler activity is super versatile! Use what you have at home. Textured paper would add another sensory element, cookie cutters would be equally effective and reusing some cardboard would be a great way to discuss sustainability.

We used a wooden rod however when we replicate this activity again, we are headed to the park to find a natural branch.  

How to make your DIY Shapes Mobile activity:

The most challenging part of this activity is choosing which shapes to highlight! We like to play the rule of 3 plus 4; three we know and one for new. This gives your child confidence and they are more likely to engage in something that is more familiar.  

Simply cut out a shape from each colour piece of paper. Tie four irregular lengths of wool to your rod. Using your sticky tape, secure a shape on the end of each length of wool. This is a great fine motor and hand eye coordination challenge!  

Add a length of wool, securing at each end to the wooden rod to act as a hanger and you are ready to play!  

Point to the different shapes and colours, ask your toddler which is hanging the lowest, which is furthest to the left, which they can spot somewhere else in the room or why not continue to develop their understanding of numeracy by counting the sides of the shapes?  

DIY Shapes Mobile

The DIY Shapes Mobile is a seemingly simple activity however the learning opportunities that it presents are extraordinary! Expose your child to new language, build their comprehension of numeracy and encourage them to be more aware of their environment as they start to notice their newly discovered shapes and colours. Circles, rectangles, squares and triangles today, rhombus, cones, stars and octagons tomorrow! 

DIY Shapes Mobile

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