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DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

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This space themed sensory bottle is a great toddler sensory play idea.

The night sky holds many wonders. Create your DIY galaxy in a jar to explore beyond the great big blue, doubling as a calm-down jar.

The colours are magical, the sparkles are captivating, and popping the whole thing together is lots of fun for your toddler.

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

This is a perfect DIY for any mini space explorer.

Watching the colours and glitter swirl in the jar is fascinating to watch. That is both while creating the galaxy jar and afterward, too!

Your toddler can stick with traditional galaxy colours or personalize their jar with colours of their

This simple DIY can be put together in just a few easy steps.

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle
What you need to create a DIY Galaxy Jar:

We used a plastic jar to create Mr 2s galaxy jar. Our repurposed peanut butter jar was perfect, just in case it was dropped.

We used approximately 300 cotton balls to fill this 400g peanut butter jar. You will need a lot of cotton balls to complete this DIY. It is worth it, though!

To get the best result, use at least three different coloured paints. Part of the magic is watching the colours bleed into each other amongst the sparkle of the glitter.

We used poster paint.

How to set up a DIY Galaxy Jar:

To begin, fill the jar one-third the way up with water.

Add a squirt of paint and a sprinkle of glitter before screwing on the lid and giving it a shake.

It is now time to add the cotton balls. Pull the cotton balls apart slightly before adding them to the coloured water. Use the popsicle to push the cotton balls into the water. Add as many as needed to adsorb the water.

Add water to the jug before adding the second colour paint and some glitter.

Stir to mix the paint into the water.

Pour the coloured water to fill two-thirds of the way to the top.

Add more pulled cotton balls to the jar again until the water has been absorbed.

Use the stick to push the cotton balls into the water.

This is a great time to observe what happens when the cotton balls are pushed between the different layers of coloured water.

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

Finally, make up the final colour of coloured water with glitter in the jug before pouring it into the jar. Add enough coloured water and cotton balls to fill the jar.

Secure the lid, and you’re ready to shake and observe the beautiful display created by your DIY galaxy jar.

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

We loved creating our DIY galaxy jars. Even the two older kids asked to make their own.

We explored adding different amounts of paint and glitter to create different effects.

This was an easy DIY for the whole family to enjoy making!

DIY Galaxy Jar Sensory Bottle

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