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Cloud Dough Recipe for Toddlers

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cloud dough recipe for toddlers

This cloud dough recipe for toddlers is so easy that you will wonder why you have never made it before. If you don't know what cloud dough is, it resembles a sandy texture but without the annoying sand! Made from oil and flour it is also soooo cheap to make I'd estimate that we used about 40c worth of ingredients today. Not bad for an hours worth of fun, and we can store it away for another day.

You'll notice that we use cooking oil for our recipe, even though many people use baby oil. The only reason for this is to make it toddler safe. If your toddler puts this in their mouth (let's face it - it WILL happen), it won't taste great but it's perfectly safe. As if to prove my point, my one year old tried to eat handfuls of the stuff. You would think she hadn't eaten all day!

What you need: 

cloud dough recipe for toddlers

  • Plain Flour - 8 cups
  • Cooking oil (any kind - I used olive oil because that's what we had at home) - 1 cup

(halve the recipe if you don't want too much, but I found that this was a good amount. I had 2 children playing with this much).

What to do: 

  1. Place the flour and oil in a container
  2. Mix together. Start with a spoon, but you will end up mixing it with your fingers. I let my toddlers do all of this and they had lots of fun making it.

cloud dough recipe

How to play with it: 

Cloud dough has an almost sand like consistency, so there's no limit to how you can use it. I put all of our play dough toys in for one activity, made 'sandcastles' another day, and had a pretend baking day on another. Store the cloud dough in a sealed container and it will last for ages.

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