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Bubble Mix Recipe

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make your own easy bubble mix recipe at home cheap and simple bubble mix


Are you looking for a bubble mix recipe? Bubbles are such fun and make the perfect Summer Activity for Toddlers.  We have been experimenting with quite a few different bubble mix solutions and have found a bubble mix recipe that works amazingly and is sooo cheap!

My daughter was lucky enough to be given a Freddy the Fish Bubble Machine for her birthday recently (Best toddler present!). It has been a huge hit in our household with my 1 and 3 year old (and with Mum, as they'll play happily in the bubbles for at least 15 minutes at a time!). The only downside has been how quickly they go through the bubble solution. 

If you haven't seen one of these before (and have been blowing bubbles the old fashioned way like I was previously doing), they are great. You fill it up with bubble mix, press the button and get at least 10 minutes of constant bubbles. Since we received ours there are lots more on the market - my daughter is begging me for a Frozen one and a Finding Dory one!

So much fun for kids! After going though about $10 worth of bubble mix in the first week (and that's buying the cheapest I could find) I decided to make my own. I spent $5.50 on the ingredients and I estimate that it cost me about 20c to make 500ml (16oz).  The bubbles were amazing and you definitely couldn't tell the difference between my mixture and the store bought bubble solution.

bubble mix recipe square

The recipe that worked the best was from the Sesame Street bubble episode (We watched this show before making it and it made my kids super excited to make & play with the bubbles)

What do you need: 

bubble mix recipe

  • Glucose syrup or corn syrup (the name varies depending on where you live)
  • Dish washing liquid (I found that the cheapest ones work the best)
  • Water
  • Container to store it in **Make sure you don't store it in anything resembling a drink bottle for safety reasons.

What to do: 

  1. Mix 1 part glucose/corn syrup, 2 parts dish washing liquid and 4 parts water.
  2. Shake and combine

This bubble mix recipe is so simple that you'll never buy it from the shops again!

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Wednesday 6th of May 2015

Thanks for this...i was just going use washing up liquid but wasn't sure if it would work so glad u posted this, will give it a try!


Thursday 7th of May 2015

I'm sure washing up liquid used to work (that's what I used to do as a kid) but they must put something in the modern day ones because they don't work well at all.


Monday 23rd of February 2015

Great 'recipe' we always go through loads too and I try to use washing up liquid or bubble bath but it's always too foamy!

thanks for linking up again #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx


Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Glad you like it!


Monday 23rd of February 2015

Thanks for the recipe - I will have to try making this. I have only ever tried washing up liquid and water which works ok but this sounds better. Great money saver :) Thanks for linking up to #playathometuesdays x


Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Glad you like it. The key is definitely the glucose/corn syrup.

Karen Bell

Monday 23rd of February 2015

Bubbles are so much fun, but you do go through a lot of mixture, this sounds a great way of making your own. Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids


Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Thanks for stopping by!