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Water Play with Fly Swatters

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Water play is a perfect toddler summer activity, and your toddler will love splashing in a water bin with a fly swatter. This ‘cool’ activity is fun for outdoor play on a warm sunny day. It's a great way to mix up your regular water play and easy and cheap to set up too. Kids can make the biggest splashes ever with fly swatters!

water play with a fly swatter

Water Play with Fly Swatters

This activity with water and fly swatters is perfect for sensory and fine motor play. The slapping movement, the splashing sound, and the spray of water on the arms and face will bring squeals of delight from your toddler.

Outdoor play is so beneficial for kids for fresh air and exercise and enjoying natural surroundings. Taking water play outside allows your child to play with fewer restrictions: you don’t have to worry about the mess, and cleanup is easier.

water play with fly swatter

Supplies for fly swatter water play

You can get a great set of fly swatters like the ones below HERE on Amazon - perfect for play!

fly swatters

Set up the activity with a large basin and a few water toys such as colorful frogs and bugs, or small boats.

pouring water for fly swatter water play

Part of the fun is filling the tub with water, either with an outdoor hose or with a container for pouring.

A plastic watering jug filled with water provides heavy work to engage those growing toddler muscles!

splashing with a fly swatter water play

How to play with the fly swatter water play

Slap the water with a fly swatter to help frogs jump and swim in the ‘pond’.

Swirl the water around to make waves to rock small boats.

Here are a few suggestions for water play:

  • Aim the fly swatter at a certain object in the water.
  • Slap the water to see the movement of the water or ‘waves’.
  • Watch how high the water can spray.

lifting frogs out of the water with a fly swatter

  • Try to scoop objects out of the water with the fly swatter, or push a small boat around in the water.water play activity with a fly swatter

This is a fun summertime activity that toddlers will love.

Splashing in the water with the fly swatter engages fine motor and gross motor hand and arm movements.

Encourage participation in this water play activity with the addition of colorful objects, and guide toddlers, if necessary, through the motions of splashing with the fly swatter. Once you set up this simple activity, sit back and watch your toddler play and learn while staying cool!

I hope you enjoyed this fun water play with fly swatters!

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