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Paper Plate Pasta Wreath

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This paper plate pasta wreath is a great easy toddler Christmas craft idea.

Wreaths are used all around the world to celebrate and recognise different events.

This fun paper plate pasta wreath is a simple and easy craft idea for your toddler.

Add the paper plate pasta wreath to your next festive table, let them wear it on their head or hand it from a door. This versatile craft can be used to celebrate in so many ways.

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath for Christmas - fun toddler activity idea.

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath

Hanging a wreath on the door is a classic Christmas tradition.

This year we have opted to go the crafting route and created our own Paper Plate Pasta Wreath.

The humble paper plate has hit the nail on the head again. They are such a great crafting resource! The paper plate holds the weight of the pasta perfectly.

This is a super craft idea for toddlers. It is fiddly enough to be challenging but simple enough that it is within the scope of many ability levels. How are you going to display yours?

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath

What you need to make a Paper Plate Pasta Wreath: 

Paper plates really are a great foundation for this wreath craft. However, that being said, if you didn’t have any, you could fashion a cardboard ring from a cereal box or any cardboard you have on hand.

Pom poms can be interchanged with buttons, scrunched balls of paper or spots of red paint.

How to make your Paper Plate Pasta Wreath:

To create the base for your paper plate pasta wreath, the round paper plate needs to be transformed into a ring.

Fold the plate gently in half.

Using the scissors, cut out an inner circle before opening the plate back up.

The next step is adding the pasta.

There are two ways of assembling your paper plate wreath.

The first way is to glue the pasta onto the plate before painting the pasta.

The second is to paint the pasta before gluing it onto the plate.

To assemble your wreath in the first way mentioned, use the glue to secure the pasta to the plate.

Once dry, paint the pasta green using your paintbrush and green paint.

To assemble your wreath the second way, the pasta needs to be painted before gluing it to the ring. Simply put the pasta into a ziplock bag with a squirt of paint and shake until the pasta is fully coated. Lay the pasta out on a tray to dry before using.

The second method is handy for younger children who may struggle with painting the curves and folds of the pasta.

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath

Once the pasta has been glued to the cardboard ring, glue the red pom pom ‘holly berries’ to add some festive colour to the wreath.

Once these are dry, you’re ready to display your masterpiece.

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath

Add some string to the back to hang the wreath or loop it over a door handle.

This festive paper plate pasta wreath is a fun way to celebrate the festive season. They are simple to put together and look great! So where are you going to hang yours?

Paper Plate Pasta Wreath


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