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Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers - Swan

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paper plate crafts for toddlers swan


I love paper plate crafts for toddlers, and this swan is such an easy activity that looks great. While I know that swans aren't really multi-colored, the colorful option was the preferred choice by my toddler today. You can always make it a white or black swan if you prefer, although I think this one looks pretty cute! I love making these swans as part of our Spring activities. You can find more Spring ideas for toddlers here. 

I love linking up our craft with books that we are reading and this week we have enjoyed reading The Ugly Duckling. It's great to read the classics, and we have the board book version which prevents all those ripped pages!


What you need: 

What to do: 

1. Cut the paper plate out as shown in the picture at the top.

2. Glue feathers onto the swan.

3. Glue a triangle beak onto the swan.

4. Glue on the eye.

5. Cut out legs and glue them on the bottom of the swan.

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