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paper plate toddler craft bird


Paper plate crafts are always great for toddlers, and these cute paper plate birds make an excellent Spring toddler craft. We painted these ones using paint rollers, but you can paint them using brushes if you prefer. You can find feathers at most dollar stores or craft stores.

What you need: 

    • Paper plate
    • Poster Paint (we used red, purple and yellow, but any colors will work)
    • Paint Roller
    • Feathers
    • Colored Paper to cut into strips
    • Glue
    • Googly Eyes
    • Yellow paper for the beak

What to do: 

1. Paint the Paper plate using the roller. We used red, yellow and purple and they mixed really well with the roller, but any colors will work fine.


aper plate craft toddler bird


2. Fold the Paper Plate in half (once it is dry).


aper plate craft toddler bird


3. Glue feathers onto the paper plate.

aper plate craft toddler bird



4. Cut colored Paper into thin strips and glue onto the tail.

5. Cut out a small square of yellow paper and fold in half for the beak

6. Glue on the eyes and beak.
aper plate craft toddler bird

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