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Halloween Songs & Dance Videos for Toddlers

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These Halloween Songs & Dance Videos for toddlers are perfect for at home, in classrooms, or for a fun Halloween party! 

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Halloween Songs & Dance Videos for Toddlers

Our list of songs to get toddlers moving is one of our most popular posts, and our Facebook group members have been requesting a Halloween version - so here it is! 

I've included them as Youtube videos so you can easily see the actions and get them moving and grooving! If you're in the Halloween spirit already make sure you check out our huge collection of toddler Halloween ideas too. 

Fun Toddler Halloween Songs & Dance Videos

It's Halloween - Sesame Street

Spooky Spectacular Yoga - Cosmic Yoga

5 Little Pumpkins - Super Simple Songs

Monster Moves - Koo Koo Kangaroo

Baby Shark Halloween - Super Simple Songs

Snap Along with the Adams Family - Go Noodle

Halloween Freeze Dance

The Skeleton Dance - Super Simple Songs

Monster Shuffle - Learning Songs

Trick or Treat - Blippi

Do the Skeleton Skat - The Wiggles

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