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Gum Boot Herb Garden for Kids

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Gum Boot Herb Garden for Kids

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We love gardening with kids, especially in Summer so we were excited to take part in the Kids in the Garden blog hop challenge. We have previously had a lot of fun with our wheelbarrow herb garden, and decided to use our old gum boots to make these really cute gum boot herb gardens. These make great kid made gifts for mother's day or Christmas too!

What you need:

What to do

  1. Cut out 3 or 4 small holes in the bottom of the gum boot (for drainage).
  2. Use the spade to fill the gum boot with potting mix
  3. Dig a small hole in the soil
  4. Plant the herbs
  5. Water with the watering can
  6. Leave in the sun and water regularly (follow the directions on the herbs that you buy - each on is slightly different).

gum boot herb garden for kids

We planted basil in our gum boots and I'm pleased to say that we've already started using the basil in our cooking!

This gardening post was part of the Kids in the Garden Blog Hop. Make sure you visit the site to see more great gardening activities for kids.

kids in the garden blog hop

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Kate Lloyd

Friday 12th of August 2016

This is such a cute idea. My youngest has grown out of her sisters gumboots so this would be the perfect way to reuse them!

Sara Skillington

Monday 16th of May 2016

Such a simple but fun and effective idea! I think most children would have such a lot of fun doing this :)#KidsintheGarden