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Egg Carton Boat

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Egg cartons are such a versatile resource and an easy toddler craft idea.  They can be adapted for many uses around the home and even in the garden. Inspired by a favourite book, a pirate and a chicken, we upcycled this recyclable resource to create an egg carton boat.

Egg Carton Boat

Egg Carton Boat

I love demonstrating to my children how things can be reused or repurposed in the home. This egg carton boat is a perfect example of how a few household items that would otherwise be sent to landfills can be repurposed to create something new and fun! It was an adventure creating our egg carton boat and I'm excited to discover the adventures to come over the coming weeks that this little boat will take us on!

Egg Carton Boat

What you need to create an egg carton boat: 

We used a half a dozen egg carton however you could easily use a full dozen size or simply trim the carton to a smaller size.

We were going to paint our boat outside however it was freezing cold in spite of the sun shining so instead we set up a painting station. I opened up a cardboard box and set up the paints on there. All the paint was contained and Mr 20 months enjoyed painting the cardboard as much as he enjoyed painting his egg carton boat.

How to make an egg carton boat: 

To begin, cut the top and edge pieces from the base.

Paint the boat in colours of your liking. We used water colours however poster paint or acrylic would also work fabulously. Chunky paint brushes are best for developing hands!


While the boat is drying, the masts can be prepared.

Trim a page from your catalog. Starting from the corner, roll the page to create a long thin, almost straw shape. Secure the end with some tape. Wrap some tape sound the ‘straw’ so that it does not unravel when cut.

Egg Carton Boat

Cut the mast at the two-third point resulting in one shorter length and one longer length.

Using another page from the catalog, cut a long pyramid. Trim the top and then the halfway point to create two sails. The larger sail, also known as the mainsail, is to be threaded onto the longer length mast and the smaller, headsail to the shorter mast.

Make a cut in the middle of the lower section of the sail to thread the mast threw. Use tape to secure the top of the sail to the mast.

Egg Carton Boat

Make holes in the egg carton to sit the masts into. Secure with tape if needed.

This egg carton boat is a simple, fun craft that can be personalized and then used in play. How are you going to use yours? Act out a favourite book or take a favourite toy on a new adventure? The possibilities are endless!

Egg Carton Boat

Not bad for a few items destined for the rubbish bin!

Egg Carton Boat

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