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Easy Turkey Crafts for toddlers to make

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When you're thinking about toddler crafts for thanksgiving you can't go past a good turkey craft! We've found some nice and easy turkey crafts for toddlers to make that I know you'll enjoy!

easy turkey crafts for 2 and 3 year olds turkey crafts for toddlers

Easy Turkey Crafts for Toddlers To Make

You know you're in peak crafting season when we get to Thanksgiving! We've made all of our fun Fall crafts and are getting ready for Christmas crafts, but we still have the fun Thanksgiving crafts to make first.

We've been working our way through these fun Thanksgiving toddler crafts and activities, but have put together a collection of easy turkey crafts for toddlers to make - these should be simple enough for 2 and 3 year olds to make (with help of course).

I always like to pair up our activities with a good book and I really like 5 Silly Turkeys (available HERE on Amazon).

Once you've made your turkey craft make sure you pop into our Facebook group and share a photo or share on Instagram (follow @myboredtoddler ) and use #MyBoredToddler so we can all see!

Easy Turkey Crafts for Toddlers to Make

These turkey crafts were alls shared by members of our Facebook group and are great for 1,2, and 3 year olds wanting to make a fun (and simple) turkey craft.

This tape resist turkey activity was shared by Caitlyn using a canvas as the base.

tape resist turkey craft for toddlers

Stephanie also made a tape resist turkey using and upcycled cardboard box.

You can see from the images below how she mapped out the feathers using painter's tape (you can get this HERE on Amazon)

You then let your toddler paint all over the cardboard (or canvas) and remove the tape to get the finished products. These are a great group activity too. I always recommend THESE paints for toddlers.

Easy Paint Dabber Turkey Craft

April shared this easy Turkey craft using paint dabbers or fingerprints. If you want to do them with the paint dabbers I recommend these ones as they come in a set with lots of other fun toddler brushes.

paint dabber turkey craft for toddler easy

Leaf Turkey Craft

Emily shared her leaf turkey craft with us. This is a great activity to do after a nature walk to collect the leaves.

leaf turkey craft for toddlers

Brianna shared her leaf turkey craft as well - these were made using craft leaves which you can find HERE. This would work well with foam sticker leaves too.

easy leaf turkey craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Hillary shared her leaf turkey crafts too.

Craft turkey with leaves for toddlers and preschoolers

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath

Danielle made this paper plate Turkey Wreath. A simple paper plate craft using rolled up paper rings.

easy paper plate turkey craft for toddlers

Tiffany also used a paper plate for her turkey craft. Cut a paper plate in half and paint it and then add on your turkey. Fun!

paper plate turkey craft idea for toddlers

Stephanie made a fork painted turkey. Simply use a plastic fork instead of a paintbrush to make the patterns. This one is always a fun toddler activity idea.

fork painted turkey craft for toddlers

Hunter shared this craft with us which uses paper doilies glued onto a paper plate or come cardboard and painted. I love the finished products! This is a fun Thanksgiving activity for a group too.

paper doiley turkey craft for toddlers and preshoolers

Handprint & Footprint Turkey Craft

Jenny shared this turkey craft with us made using a footprint and handprints for the feathers.

handprint and footprint turkey craft

Shalee used tissue paper to decorate the feathers of her turkey.

paper collage turkey craft

Crystal used an old cardboard box to make a fun feather pull turkey activity. This is a great fine motor activity for toddlers as they pull out the feathers and then put them back in. You can get large craft feathers on Amazon HERE.

fine motor activity turkey craft toddlers thanksgiving

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easy turkey crafts for toddlers to make

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easy turkey crafts for toddlers to make 2 and 3 year olds

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easy turkey crafts for 2 and 3 year olds square

I hope you've enjoyed making these turkey crafts for toddlers. If you want more toddler activities make sure you join our Toddler Facebook Group and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

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