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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers

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These Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers will keep your Easter morning fun! If you're looking for ways to create a toddler-friendly Easter egg hunt, we've got you covered!

Easter egg hunt and scavanger hunt ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

There are lots of cute toddler Easter activity ideas for before Easter, but each year in our Facebook group I get asked about Easter egg hunt ideas. This year I've put together some great ideas for you.

I can't go past reading one of my favorite Easter toddler books the night before our Easter egg hunt. I really love 'We're going on an Egg Hunt' - available HERE. 

If you're planning an Easter egg hunt and don't want to go to too much effort there are plenty of 'done for you' ones available in the stores too. A couple of my favorite Easter egg hunt ones are:

Easter Egg Hunt Sign set - available HERE from Amazon. 

easter egg hunt set

And these ones - available HERE on Amazon 

easter egg hunt signs 2

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Toddlers

I can't wait to see which Easter egg hunt idea you choose. If you do use one of these I'd love for you to jump into our Facebook group and share a picture or share on Instagram (tag @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can see!).

easter egg hunt ideas

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt - Gluesticks

Hatching Letters - School Time Snippets

Easter Egg Scavanger Hunt with Picture Cluess - Inspiration Laboratiories

Playdough Surprise Eggs - The Imagination Tree

Easter scavanger hunt ideas for toddlers

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt - Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt - Eats Amazing

Easter Chocolate Egg Hunt - Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Alphabet Easter Hunt and Match - I Can Teach My Child

easter egg hunts for toddlers

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt - A Girl and a Glue Gun

Watercolor Resist Easter Egg Hunt - Fun Learning for Kids

Easter Bunny Trail - Smart School House

Egg Popper Tree - Studio DIY

I hope you found these toddler Easter Egg hunt ideas useful. Some more fun toddler Easter activities you might enjoy are:

Easter Ideas for Toddlers 

easter ideas for toddlers feature

Easter Sensory Bins for Toddlers 

Easter Books for Toddlers 

Easter books for toddlers feature



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