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Why great internet is saving my young family money (and sanity!)

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Why great internet is saving my young family money (and sanity!)

This is a sponsored post from VividWireless

We are on a budget this year (well, we have been ever since we had kids really!) due to a few changes in circumstances. My husband has started a new business, which is exciting but scary at the same time, and my maternity leave is over, along with the savings we had put aside.  I’m still primarily a stay at home mum, although lately that has been changing to a work at home mum which is exciting. That being said, we are still not up to our pre kids double income (not even close), so reducing our spending and getting our budget in order is a priority.

One of the big ways we have been able to save is to upgrade our rather patchy, limited internet to an unlimited download plan with VividWireless. While you might think cancelling internet would be the more ‘budget’ option, there are many ways in which quality, unlimited internet is saving us money.

  1. It’s allowing my husband and I to work from home. This is a huge cost saver (and money maker!), especially with my husband running his own business. Previously he was renting office space as our internet was not great, but now he is able to work primarily from home. As the children get older, I am increasing the amount of hours I can work from home as well, and as my work is primarily online, good internet is a must.mac-459196_640
  2. It’s allowed us to cut back on other services. We no longer have Foxtel (which was almost $100 a month!), instead we subscribe to Netflix for $11.95 a month. As Netflix is a steaming service, unlimited internet is key to using this effectively. This alone is saving us almost $90 a month and 2 or 3 of us can be using it at once. We have also stopped buying CD’s, instead subscribing to the music streaming services instead.home office
  3. It allows us to take advantage of free services. There are so many great free streaming services, but most require a good download quote, as they can quickly eat through your data limit and cost a fortune in excess download fees. Now that we have unlimited internet, the kids have been using the ABC Kids app to stream their favourite (Mum approved!) shows. If you’re like me and never get to watch an episode of Masterchef or Offspring because it coincides with the kids bedtime, you’ll also enjoy being able to watch them on their catch up apps once the kids are asleep.ipad-605439_640
  4. No phone line. Gone are the days of having to pay for an unwanted phone line. With VividWireless you don’t need a phone line, which means that you don’t pay phone rental. Honestly, when was the last time anyone other than your mum called you on your home phone?  We don’t even need a cable connection, as VividWireless uses a wireless internet connection. You just ‘plug and play’ with their new modem and are up and running in minutes.
  5. Online comparisons & shopping online. I’ve recently started ordering my groceries online, after a rather disastrous trip to Coles a few weeks ago. While it took me a little while to get it all set up, I find I’m sticking to my list and not buying all the extras that I used to (especially all the ‘treats’ the kids would beg me for). We’ve also been going through all of our big bills when they are due (car insurance, electricity, health care etc) and using the online comparison sites to find the better deal. In only a few weeks we have already managed to save over $300, and this is only on two of our big

If unlimited, quality internet is a must for your household, then you can get online within minutes with VividWireless, with their easy 1,2,3 set up.

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  1. Check your coverage
  2. Buy the modem online, call 1300 327 837 or buy instore from Harvey Norman or The Good Guys.
  3. Self-activate your internet in minutes once you receive your modem.

Plans start at $29 a month, and their unlimited download plan is $89 a month. You will need a  modem, which is $199 on a month to month plan, with no lock in contract, or free on a 24 month plan. A $10 delivery fee applies for online and phone orders and acceptable use policies apply for the unlimited plan.

The technical side of internet speed is a bit beyond me, but the service provides 10mbps download and 1mbps upload speeds, which my computer savvy friends tell me is way more than I need!

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Thursday 21st of July 2016

Ooooo lucky you for finding good and cheap Internet! I swear I pay a ridiculous amount right now for just ok wireless...

Ana De- Jesus

Thursday 21st of July 2016

Good internet is a must for me especially when it comes to completing deadlines on time. I agree that it does save costs.


Thursday 21st of July 2016

I've never heard of this company but I'm so tired of Comcast. They are awful and the prices are awful. I'll have to look into this product/brand.


Thursday 21st of July 2016

I have never heard of VividWireless. Finding great internet is definitely a challenge for me. My family is also on a bit of a budget, so I will have to look into this!


Wednesday 20th of July 2016

I use the internet all the time to try to save us some money. These are fantastic tips! We can all use some extra dough.