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Toddler Snack Tips

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toddler snacking tips organix

Are you looking for toddler snack tips? Both of my kids are not big eaters so I feel like I spend most of the day trying to get them to eat. They are also both very active so they NEED to eat frequently if I want to avoid those lovely toddler meltdowns.

We're big fans of healthy eating in our house (most of the time - we do love the occasional treat too!) and I try to stick to healthy options as often as I can with the kids. Because we have fussy eaters with small appetites snacking is definitely one of the things that is important during our day. Toddlers and younger children need frequent snacks, as dietitians agree that 3 meals a day are not enough for children of this age, and it's important that we make sure the options they are offered are healthy and nutritious.

toddler snacking tips organix

We are generally running around all over the place during the day, so I have found that packing our lunch box with our snacks and food for the day makes things so much easier. I try to include a mix of fresh fruit, cheese and yoghurt, and where possible try to aim for homemade products. I'm not perfect though, and we are often so busy that pre-packaged food is a quick and easy alternative. While there are many 'not great' options out there for children, there are also some great ones.


We are fans of the Organix toddler food range (you can see our review of their 6 months + range here) because of their 'no junk' promise, and the fact that all of their foods are organic and contain no 'nasty' additives like many of the ranges on the market. They are available in Coles and Woolworths and both of my girls (even my 4 year old) are loving them.

toddler snacking tips organix no junk promise

The new range that we have been testing out are the Organix Goodies Corn Puffs (available in 3 flavours - Carrot Stix, Herb Puffs and Tomato Noughts and Crosses), Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites and Organix Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits. They have been a big hit, and have been perfect for busy days out and to put into lunch boxes for Daycare and Kindy.

The Organix Goodies range provide an opportunity for toddlers to experience different tastes, shapes and textures, which is important for this age group. The Corn Puffs have been their favourite snack out of the range, although they are loving all of the items. I've been saving the Farm Animal biscuits to use as a 'treat' even though they're actually a healhty snack (sneaky mum!) and trying to include one of the Mini Oaty Bites in their morning tea bag each day.

Even our Christmas Elf couldn't resist them!

organix range elf


If you're looking for some great, healthy and junk free snacks for your toddler, try the Organix Goodies range next time you're in Coles or Woolworths. They're very reasonably priced and you'll probably find they're begging you to eat them before you get out of the store (my kids do!).

You can find out more about the Organix Goodies range at