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Painting with Spools

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Have you tried painting with spools? This is a simple painting activity that is perfect for a valentine's or spring theme with toddlers. The colors and textures invite kids to engage with fun materials as they design and create beautiful pictures.

Painting With Spools - Valentine's Day Craft for Toddlers

Besides being oodles of fun, this activity provides lots of support for the development of early learning skills. Benefits include fine motor practice along with creative and sensory play.

Painting with Spools

Supplies for a Painting Activity with Spools: 

Cut out heart shapes from construction paper beforehand in different colors and sizes. Invite older kids to cut out heart shapes or other shapes.

Instructions for a Painting Activity with Spools: 

Tape a small length of ribbon to the doily for a hanger.

Glue a heart shape to a doily. Kids can choose colors and sizes to create the design for their pictures.

Painting with Spools

Pour paints into trays or small dishes. You can provide just one or two colors if this is more suitable for your toddler. You could also put two colors on a tray for your child to mix together as he or she paints.

Dip a spool in paint and stamp on and around the heart and doily.

Painting with Spools

Kids can practice first, or extend the activity, with a plain piece of paper or some recycled cardboard.

Stamp with spools to make designs on the paper. This will allow kids to experiment with the sizes of spools and colors of paint.

Painting with Spools

Kids can also paint on the doilies without pasting the hearts on first. Follow your child’s lead in this or any activity. Play that supports making choices and working independently is important for the overall development of cognitive skills in your toddler.

The benefit of the activity is in the hands-on experimenting and learning through play and not the finished product.

Painting with Spools

Explore creativity, along with fine motor and sensory experiences, with painting activities.

This one is easy to provide with a simple setup and everyday craft supplies. The doilies and heart shapes add a nice touch for a Valentine's theme!

Painting with Spools

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