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New Year's Eve Toddler Dance Songs & Videos

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These New Year's Eve dance songs for toddlers are a great toddler New Year's Eve activity idea. 

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Our toddler dance video and song posts are always popular and are a great way to burn off some energy at home. We've put together some toddler New Year's Eve videos to get your toddler singing and moving! 

New Year's Eve Dance & Singing Videos for Toddlers 

If your toddler has energy to burn on New Year's Eve , a quick and fun way to get them moving is by putting on a youtube video.

Happy New Year Song

Sesame Street - Happy New Year

The New Year Comes Marching In

New Year's Freeze Dance

Happy New Year Baby Shark

A New Year is Coming

New Year's Song Cocomelon

When they need a break why not try one of our FREE Printable New Year's Eve activity ideas:

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