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Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin

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We have had so much fun with our Halloween spider sensory rice bin! There's something so fun about a sensory play at Halloween. Our Halloween sensory play activities are one of the most popular posts this time of year.

While some of our activities, like the fizzing Halloween sensory bin, can be messy and time-consuming, today I'm going to show you how to quickly make a simple Halloween sensory bin using colored rice.

Halloween spider sensory rice bin for toddlers pinterest

Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin

I decided to go with purple rice this time instead of orange or black - just to mix it up a bit! You can use whatever color you prefer and if you want an even quicker activity you can use plain rice or buy black rice. At the end of this post, you'll also see how we used the same rice and tray to make a Witch's Brew sensory bin too!

For this sensory play activity, we read this super cute finger puppet book called Little Spider (you can get it HERE) 

Little spider finger puppet book for Halloween toddlers

If you make this Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin we would love you to share a pic in our Facebook group or over on Instagram --tag @myboredtoddler so we can all see!

If you want some encouragement to do some Halloween crafts with your toddlers why not join our FREE 5 Day Halloween craft challenge.

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What you need for the Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin

How to set up your Halloween Spider Sensory Rice Bin

  1. Color your rice. You can find the directions for coloring rice here. 
    How to make colored rice for a Halloween rice sensory bin purple
  2. Once your rice is dry, add it to your container
    How to make colored rice for a Halloween rice sensory bin step 2 in the container
  3. Add your felt spider web
  4. Add your spiders
    Halloween sensory bin with spiders final step
  5. Let them play!

Now, this is quite a simple sensory bin, and you'll notice that I didn't add too many items like we often do. I did this on purpose to see how they would play and it worked really well. There was a lot of pretend play going on here - we had a few rounds of Incy Wincy Spider too! One of the reasons I kept this one simple is that I had plans to make another one by switching up just a few items.

Don't throw out your rice! 

Nowt that your toddler has played with this Halloween spider sensory rice bin, keep your rice in there and you can make our Witch's Brew Sensory bin tomorrow (so easy - you just change a couple of things!). You can click here for our Witch's Brew Sensory Rice Bin for Toddlers.

Witch's brew sensory rice bin FEATURE

If you loved this Witch's Brew Sensory Rice Bin then we would love to see photos! Pop over to our Facebook group and share a picture or use #MyBoredToddler on Instagram so we can all see! I always like to re-gram a few of my favorites! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest

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