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Christmas Colors Sensory Bin

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A Christmas sensory bin provides colorful fine motor play for toddlers. Children of this age will love the textures and colors of pompoms along with the mini decorations in the rice sensory bin.

Christmas colors toddler activity with rice sensory bin

Christmas Colors Sensory Bin 

The holidays are often filled with busy and exciting times for families. In the midst of the hustle and bustle it’s a good idea to have some easy play ideas ready to provide some quiet time for your toddler. A sensory bin is one activity that is sure to please!

A Christmas theme is easy to create in the sensory bin with some small decorations and a few everyday toys and craft items.

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I always like to add a book to our activities (see some of my favorite toddler Christmas books HERE). For this acitivty THIS BOOK is perfect - you can get it HERE on Amazon. 

Supplies for a holiday sensory activity with toddlers

The colors of Christmas in the sensory bin help make this a bright and inviting activity.

What to include in your Christmas Colors Sensory Bin 

Here are a few suggestions for your holiday sensory bin:

These are just suggestions. You can easily include other small items, such as red toy cars or green straws.

Christmas theme sensory bin for toddlers

We used plain rice as a base for the sensory play to allow the red and green colors to be brightly displayed.

To create a Christmas theme, upcycle small Christmas decorations such as mini bows and bells, or bits of curly ribbon, that are no longer needed. You can also find lots of inexpensive options at the dollar store or craft store.

Add just a few items at a time so your child is not overwhelmed with materials.

This is a child-led activity. See what interests your toddler and follow his lead.

Sort colors with a toddler activity in the sensory bin

Initiate simple sorting activities.

  • Separate the red and green items, or make simple patterns with the pompoms.
  • Name the colors.

Engage in hands-on play.

  • Count the pompoms as you scoop them up with the shovel
  • Bury items in the sand; hide items under the cups.
  • Stir sand in a red or green cup with a matching craft stick.

Sensory bin toddler activity for Christmas holiday play

Dig up items and bury them again with a toy shovel or spoon. Fill cups or jar lids with sand and pompoms.

Encourage your toddler to reach into the bin with bare hands to feel the coolness of the sand and the variety of textures of the materials.

Toddler holiday sensory bin with rice and pompoms

Explore the colors of Christmas with this simple sensory bin. Keep it on hand to provide a hands-on calming activity for your toddler.

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Christmas sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers