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Block Puzzle - Easy Toddler Activity

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Simple play ideas are often the ones that are the most engaging at our place. We made the easiest block puzzle yesterday and the kids loved it! With an added personal touch, you can set this easy toddler play idea up within minutes too!

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle - Easy Toddler Activity 

Involving kids in the setup of their activities is a great way of securing their attention in the play. Getting them to help out and be a part of the process is going to make the whole experience successful.

Using a box of blocks and some tape, we set up an activity that is still being played with a day later.

What you need to create your block puzzle:

  • Favorite stuffed toy
  • Masking tape
  • Blocks

We used our favorite wooden blocks to fill in our puzzle. If you don't have wooden blocks, use what you have at home! Duplo, mega blocks, or even shapes cut out of paper would work for this play idea.

How to set up your Block Puzzle:

The beauty of this play idea is that it is one that you can have set up with minimal anything, within minutes.

Ask your toddler to collect their favorite stuffed toy.

We set this up on the floor as Miss 3 was all flipper and restless. I chose to go with the flow and give her an opportunity to use her entire body rather than give her unrealistic limitations by setting up on a tabletop.

Position the toy on the floor, ensuring ears, arms, and legs are spread out for maximum impact.

Block Puzzle

Using your masking tape, lay out an outline of your stuffed toy. Try and make it a little wider than the toy so your child can reposition their toy later.

Using the blocks, encourage your toddler to fill in the space so there are no spaces.

Block Puzzle

This block puzzle activity is a great conversation starter. You can discuss: 

  • the names of shapes 
  • colors
  • the difference between a corner, edge, and face of a shape
  • counting corners
  • prepositional language, eg: above, below, left right

While seemingly basic, there is so much learning happening as what resembled a murder scene, becomes a piece of art. Your toddler will be strengthening their:

Block Puzzle

Once they have finished, why not build up? See how high they can build the block before they fall. Add blocks to build a face and then build a snack, house, or a setting around the tape outline.

There are so many different directions that you can extend this toddler play idea in. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee, assured that your toddler is having fun, learning through play with their DIY block puzzle!

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