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Autumn / Fall Tree Paper Craft

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This is a fun Toddler Autumn / Fall Toddler Craft

Celebrate the coming of Autumn with this Autumn tree paper craft while also strengthening those fine motor skills.

This paper craft idea is perfect to fill in a spare half hour using simple resources. Personalize it with your child's own hand print trunk to make the tree extra special.

Autumn Tree Paper Craft

Autumn Tree Paper Craft

Autumn / Fall has to be my favorite time of year. After months of sweltering heat, watching the leaves transition in the community is a welcomed relief.

To celebrate the transition of the seasons, we love exploring those deep earthy tones of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

Autumn Paper Tree Craft

What you need to make an Autumn / Fall Tree Paper Craft:

How to make an Autumn Tree Paper Craft:

To begin making your Autumn tree, the first step is to make the trunk.

Have your child gently place their arm on the brown paper and outline their hand and forearm using the marker.

Autumn Paper Tree Craft

Cut the print out and you have your Autumn tree's trunk.

Glue it in place onto the bottom of the blue paper.

The next step is to prepare the paper for the leaves.

Cut the yellow, orange, and red pieces of paper into strips roughly 2cm in width and 5 cm long. These strips are destined to become the leaves of the tree.

Place a smudge of glue onto the end of a coloured paper strip.

Loop the strip over itself and stick the end in place to make a paper 'ring'. Add glue to the fingers aka the branches of the tree and gently press the paper 'leaves' into place by putting a finger inside the leaf and pressing down.

This is a great opportunity to discuss positional language as opposites.

"Place your finger inside the paper ring, then take your finger outside the ring to pick up another."

"Are you going to put the red leaf underneath or on top of the yellow leaf?"

"Does the left or right side have more leaves?"

Once the canopy was complete, we used our fingers to scrunch up paper strips before gluing them in place at the bottom of the tree.

Autumn Paper Tree Craft

While making their Autumn tree paper craft, your toddler will be refining and strengthening their fine motor skills and coordination. It is a great stand alone creation or can make a beautiful card front as a special gift for family or friends.

Autumn Paper Tree Craft

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