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Welcome to My Bored Toddler

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Welcome to My Bored Toddler

Welcome to my blog, ‘My Bored Toddler’. I’ve wanted to start writing a blog for quite some time now, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I didn’t want to compete with all the other mummy (or Mommy - I’m in Australia, so I’ll stick with Mummy) blogs for a few reasons. First, there are so many of them (and they do it so well) that I wonder if there is still space out there for mine or if I have anything to write that is worth reading (hopefully, the answer to that one is yes!). But I haven’t started a ‘Mummy blog’ because sometimes I feel like I don’t meet the required criteria.

Do I have kids? Check! Do I love my kids? Check! Do I care which brand of cloth diaper is more absorbent or what the latest, trendiest kid fad is? Not so much! While these issues are important, I’m quite happy to consult Mr Google for answers to them. Am I here to tell you 10 ways to make your toddler (or newborn, I have both!) sleep through the night? Definitely NOT! There’s a reason I seriously considered calling this blog ‘Why the F#$% won’t my kids go to sleep!’.

You’re probably wondering what I do care about. Well, I have 2 children who are what is often referred to as ‘high needs’ (not to be confused with special needs) or ‘spirited children’. I’ll talk more about what these terms mean in later posts, but boredom is one of the main challenges of raising high-needs children. Not me - them! My children (2 ½ and 10 months) are not ones who can stay at home happily all day. In fact, anything over an hour is testing our limits. Why? They get bored. Very bored. More bored than a lot of other kids I know..

Their boredom certainly doesn't stem from a lack of ‘stuff.’  Our house overflows with toys, we have enough kids books to make most libraries jealous (yes, a teacher lives here!) and have a nice sized garden filled with a cubby house and lots of outdoor toys. But my kids get bored and they get bored quickly. As I’m sure you're aware, with boredom comes behavior issues (more on this in a later post too). That’s why we do stuff… ALL…. DAY….LONG!

If you’re like me and have a bored toddler and want to know what the heck to do with them all day long, please follow my blog, and we can go on the journey together. I hope to share ideas and activities that our toddlers can try. I’ll also let you know of any epic failures too (let’s face it, they make the most interesting reading). The ideas won’t all be mine, but I’ll be sharing what I find. Feel free to contribute and get involved. Hopefully, together, we can keep our toddlers from being bored and restore our sanity in the process. You never know - all our great activities might tire them out so they’ll sleep, and we can enjoy a much-needed glass of wine!

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*If you would like to know more about high-needs or spirited children (or have one yourself), I highly recommend the Dr Sears website and The Fussy Baby Site

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