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Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

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Magnetic letters offer amazing play value for your toddler or preschooler and are a great way to learn the alphabet.  Try these simple ideas for hands-on play with letters of the alphabet.

Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

Toddler Fun with Magnet Letters

What can you do with magnetic letters with your toddler or preschooler? Turns out – a lot! 

I’ve put together a few ideas for simple activities for sorting and counting, along with recognizing and naming letters of the alphabet.

All you need to start the fun and learning is a set – or two! – of magnetic letters. These play materials are readily available at a reasonable cost in toy departments and craft stores, as well as online.

I recommend THESE ONES from Melissa and Doug (recommended for ages 3+) as the entire letters are magnetic - you really want to avoid the cheaper ones that have small magnets on them and are a safety risk. 

melissa and doug magnetic letters


The durable plastic letters are easily stored in a clean plastic jar, such as a peanut butter jar.

When you want to provide a literacy activity, simply set the jar out as an invitation to play.

  • I see the first letter of your name. Let’s say it together and make the sound of the letter.

Having the supplies accessible and ready to go with minimal setup will make playtime easy to provide.

More ways to play with magnetic letters

The games and activities you introduce will depend on your toddler's skill and interest level.

Here are a few ideas to try.

1.Sing The ABC Song as you line up the letters of the alphabet.

Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

2.Sort the letters by color. Count the number of alphabet letters in each row.

3.Make a simple pattern. What color comes next in this row?

Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

4.Your toddler may enjoy independent play with letters of the alphabet. You can be nearby while not actually participating.

  • Pouring the letters out of the jar and refilling the jar is great fine motor work.
  • Shake the jar to see and hear the letters move around in the jar.
  • Kids like to pretend to spell words. Your toddler might ask you how to spell a specific word.

5. A pizza pan or cookie sheet will hold the letters in place, and is another option for presenting the letters in an invitation to play.

Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

Your toddler will discover that the letters stick to pan even when it's tipped upside down!

Whatever way your toddler chooses to play – sorting, stacking, scooping, shaking– magnetic letters of the alphabet provide fun activities for supporting early literacy and fine motor skills.

Toddler Fun With Magnetic Letters

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