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Toddler Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

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Our Fall sensory bag was super popular and I'm sure you're going to also love our toddler Christmas tree sensory bag. While this sensory bag is designed for toddlers, it can be used by older children too. Babies and younger toddlers will have fun squishing it around, while the older toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy decorating the Christmas tree.

decorate a christmas tree toddler sensory bag. A fun toddler Christmas craft and toddler Christmas activity. Fun sensory play with this Christmas sensory bag that's perfect for babies toddlers one year olds, two year old and three year olds.

Christmas is one of my favorite times for crafts and activities, and our Christmas sensory activities are always so much fun! For this sensory bag, as well as most of my activities, you can find most of the items at DollarTree. It works out a lot cheaper to stock up on a range of Christmas craft items from there and then you're set for the rest of the year!

What you need to make a Toddler Christmas Tree Sensory Bag

How to make a Christmas tree sensory bag

  1. Draw a Christmas tree on the green craft foam and cut out. Make sure it can easily fit into the ziplock bag.
    Toddler Christmas tree sensory bag
  2. Draw a small rectangle on the brown craft foam and cut out. This will be the bottom of the Christmas tree.
    Christmas toddler sensory bag image 2
  3. Fill up your ziplock bag with the clear hair gel.
    Christmas sensory bag for toddlers image 3
  4. Add the foam Christmas tree pieces to the bag.
  5. Add in all of you christmas decorations (pom poms, sequins etc)
  6. Squeeze out all of the air from the bag and seal well.
  7. Add the packing tape to the top to make it secure.
  8. Let your toddler play!

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