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Toddler App Review - Forestpals Winter

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forestpals app review


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"A beautiful story and app that you will fall in love with" 

 What will my toddler learn?

  • Reading and listening
  • Simple puzzles
  • Matching
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Fine Motor Skills

Why should I download it for my toddler?

This is an absolutely beautiful app. This is a book and activity app set among a gorgeous winter backdrop, and follows the story of a reindeer on his birthday.



Along the way the reindeer stops and a great simple activity pops up (perfect for the young toddler age).There are 9 levels in each activity, with a new level opening upon completion of the previous one.  One of the games is this very cute snowman game, where you get to decorate the snow man. It's easy to use and lots of fun.



Another example of the games that appear during the story are the matching games. The one below is about matching forest animals to their footprints.



Other activities (each with 9 different levels)  include:

- a Touch Painting activity (the first activity is a very cute reindeer - perfect for Christmas)

- a patterning app where children are required to fill in the missing animal from 4 different pattern sets.

- a puzzle app with simple 4 piece puzzles for your toddler to click and drag into place.

- a tracing app  - great for developing your toddler's fine motor skills.


This app is complemented by Forestpals Autumn, Forestpals Summer and Forestpals Spring.These are such beautiful apps and I highly reccomend them. They aren't free, but as with most toddler apps it is worth paying for quality apps that you're child will play over an over again. Once this app is downloaded there are no further purchases (no adds and no in app purchase options).

Where can I download this app?

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