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Swap to a healthier lifestyle

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Swap to a healthier lifestyle! 

swap to a healthier lifestyle

This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang and Ocean Spray

If you're a busy mum like myself (let's face it, aren't we all super busy!) then you'll understand the struggle to find the time to eat right and exercise. I find I'm always on the go, and am often making some not so healthy choices. Last week Ocean Spray challenged us to a week of swaps. The aim of the challenge was to swap our unhealthy choices for healthier alternatives. It was lots of fun, and I found that swapping was much better than sacrificing. I barely even noticed that I had made the changes.

Here are some of the simple swaps I have made:

  1. Swapping the car for a walk with the pram.
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    While I always had the best intentions of walking everywhere with the pram, with two children it is so much easier to drive than walk to most places, and this is a habit that I have formed. Now that my oldest is at Kindy two days a week, I have started to use these times to take my 2 year old out with the pram and walk a lot more. We have both been enjoying this, and I'm easily getting in at least an extra hour of exercise a day without having to visit a gym or look for a babysitter.
  2.  Swapping cafe lunches for a homemade sandwich and snack
    I'm great (mostly) at packing healthy lunches and snacks for my girls when we go out for the day, but I rarely pack my own lunch. This generally leads to me grabbing a quick, and generally unhealthy snack while we are out. This week I have made an effort to make myself a nice healthy lunch each morning, and it's only taking me an extra 5 minutes each morning.
  3. Swapping soft drinks for low sugar and low calorie options
    Low Sugar Cranberry Fruit DrinkWith the hot weather we have been having over Summer, it's often easy to reach for a soft drink or a sugary drink, but as we all know, that's not great for the diet! I know that I've been making an effort to reduce my intake of sugary drinks, and to drink more water. Ocean Spray kindly provided me with some of their new Ocean Spray Cranberry Low Sugar Fruit Juice, and  I have been swapping my regular soft drinks for a glass of this. With only 10 calories a serve, it's been an easy swap, and it tastes just like regular cranberry juice.

    I've been trying some of their great low calorie recipes on their website, and I've found that adding a dash of lime juice and serving it ice cold tastes great.  It will definitely be on our regular shopping list from now on, and is my go to drink when I feel like a treat.  You can find out more about Ocean Spray's low sugar range at their website 

I've really enjoyed taking part in this challenge, and will continue to add more swaps to my weeks. Have you made a healthy lifestyle swap? I'd love to hear all about it.

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