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Salt and Glue Process Art for Toddlers

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Salt and Glue Process Art for Toddlers 

salt and glue process art for toddlers. A fun way to paint with toddlers - a great toddler activity.

We are loving this salt and glue process art toddler activity! In January we made some colored salt for a fun painting snow with salt activity.
We made so much colored salt that we were left with huge amounts of colored salt after doing the activity a couple of times.

salt and glue process art activity for toddlers feature
And I’ve been finding new ways to use it in sensory bins and art projects.
Using glue and colored salt has become one of my daughter’s favourite art projects at the moment.The first time we made it she felt in love with it. Now, a few weeks later, she still brings me a box full of colored salt and asks me to paint with it.

An Invitation To Paint With Colored Salt And Glue

What I like the most about this salt and glue process art toddler activity is that it is pretty open ended. You can just give your toddler a bottle of glue (under supervision of course!) and let them spread it on thick paper. Then invite them to add colored salt on top of the glue. It is a really fun art process and an amazing sensory experience for young children.

What you need 


  1. The first thing you need to do is to dye your salt. To do so put a box of table salt (250 g) in a ziplock bag with a few drops of food coloring. Shake the bag until your salt is colored. If you are not satisfied with the color add a few more drops of food coloring and shake again.
  2.  Repeat the first step to make salt in different colors.
  3. Set up an invitation to make art with colored salt. Put the colored salt in glasses along with white glue and some paper on a table. Then, invite your toddler to create!salt and glue process art activity for toddlers square
  4. Let it dry for a few hours and remove the excess of salt

3 Different ways to play and learn with glue and salt

One of the great reasons I love this activity is that there are different ways to play with the activity.

  1. You can use the glue to make shapes, numbers or letters. Turning this process art into a fun learning experience. My daughter didn't want to touch the glue and asked me to put the glue for her. I took the chance to make some numbers, letters, and shapes with the glue.
    salt and glue process art activity for toddlers square 2
  2. .You can extend the activity by filling the salt into salt shakers. This can be mesmerizing for young toddlers.salt and glue process art activity for toddlers 4
  3. You can put the glue in a small food container with a paint brush for young toddlers that don't have the strength to press a bottle of glue.salt and glue process art activity for toddlers 3

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About the Author

Isabel Arango is the owner of Uno Zwei Tutu - a multilingual parenting website full of great toddler and preschool activities, with a hands on Montessori approach. You can follow Isabel on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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