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Fine Motor Play with Flip-Top Lids

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Fine Motor Play with Flip-Top Lids 

This fine motor activity for toddlers is lots of fun and uses only recycled materials. Using various flip top lids you can entertain a toddler for quite a while! A fun toddler activity.

Toddlers are very inquisitive. They run, crawl, push, pull, and dig to explore their surroundings. As they explore they are also engaging all their senses. With this simple activity using flip-top lids, kids can have fun opening and closing, sorting and counting as they strengthen their fine motor skills.
This is a simple activity using recyclables that are easy to clean and store.

flip-top lids materials
Display a variety of flip-top lids on a tray or in a large bowl. Use whatever you have on hand. We used tops from condiments such as mustard, plum sauce and salad dressing. The pop-up top on a dish detergent bottle can be included too!

flip-top lids open and close
Allow your child time to experiment with the materials on his own. Intervene as necessary to show your toddler how to open and close a flip-top. Some tops are easier to open than others. Try not to use materials that will frustrate your child, although it’s also valuable to provide a challenge.
You might have other products that come with flip-top lids. We found a small jewellery box, a spice container and a coffee cup lid.

Flip-top lids can be used in other ways for learning through play. You can help your toddler sort lids by color……

flip-top lids color sort

……..or group lids according to whether they are opened or closed.

flip-top lids open and close
Engage kids in conversation as they open and close the lids:
• Do the lids make any sound?
• Which one is the biggest?
• Can you count the yellow lids?

This activity is easy to set up and will occupy a toddler while you are busy with other tasks nearby.

flip-top lids square
We can easily provide busy toddlers with opportunities to engage all their senses, and that includes activities that will strengthen fine motor skills.
Fortunately materials can be as simple as recyclables that would otherwise be thrown away. Flip-top lids are common recyclables that are readily available and have lots of play value.

As kids explore and experiment they will exercise their creative skills by imagining other ways to use the materials. How about a painting activity? Have fun playing and learning with flip-tops!

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