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Easy Tips for a Clean House When You Have Kids

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easy tips for a clean house when you have kids

*This is a sponsored post from @SCJohnson. All opinions are my own. #WindexSparkle

A clean house and young kids are not things that generally go together. When you have young kids you end up in that dilemma of having a messy house (generally) and having limited time to clean up (not to mention the kids running around messing everything up as soon as you’ve cleaned it!). The option then is generally to limit messy play and keep your house tidy or encourage messy play and have a house that’s a lot less clean than you prefer!

As you’ll know from my site, we love to get out the boxes, the craft supplies, the colored rice and yes even the dreaded glitter! The trick to keeping your sanity when doing activities like this is knowing how to quickly clean up afterward!  Here are a few cleaning tips that I’ve discovered.

Easy tips for a clean house when you have kids

Limit the messy play/craft area to specific part of the house.

easy tips for a clean house when you have kids

It’s easier to accept the glitter and the scraps of paper everywhere if you know it’s only in one room or one section of your lounge room. We have a big mat in our loungeroom and that’s our ‘messy area’. This way you don’t feel pressured to clean it up constantly. The trick to keeping your sanity when doing activities like this is knowing how to quickly clean up afterward! I try to give this area a quick tidy at the end of the day and then a proper clean up once a week.

Invest in a cordless vacuum

you’ve got a toddler or a baby, there’s little chance that you’re going to be wanting to drag out the vacuum cleaner each time you do an activity. If you have a cordless one, you can easily clean up after their activity (or after snack times!) and it literally only takes 3-4 minutes.

Keep your windows sparkling clean!

Windex foaming glass cleaner 2

It’s amazing how much cleaner your house looks when your windows and mirrors are clean. If you’re kids are like mine, you’ll find fingerprints on almost every glass surface in your house! In my house the dog even likes to get involved and we’ve got nose prints on there too. Our windows and mirrors are often used as a base for our sensory play too, so it’s not unusual to find them used for shaving cream painting (heaps of fun) or drawing with bath crayons on the windows.

windex foaming glass cleaner 1

Cleaning windows was one of the jobs that I used to hate as they always ended up streaky and often worse than before I started. BUT.. we’ve been using the new Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner and it’s a winner. It’s as simple as spraying it on and wiping it off with a dry paper towel – easy – and it leaves a streak free shine!  We’ve been using the Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner for the last few weeks and I’ve been so impressed with how easy it is to remove dirt, grime and all those pesky fingerprints from my windows and mirrors. If you’d like to get the unbeatable streak free shine, you can pick up Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner from your local Walmart.  

Keep a ‘Quick Clean’ basket!

With kids, you never know when the mess will occur or when you’ll get a dreaded unexpected visitor! For this reason, I keep a quick clean basket. In it I keep a multipurpose spray and wipe, a packet of wipes, paper towels, Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner and a small dustpan and brush. I find that this basket can quickly be taken to the area that needs a quick clean and it makes it much easier to ‘spot clean’ your house. If you have a large house, make two of them and keep them in different locations (upstairs and downstairs always works well).

Do you have any cleaning tips to share with us? Have you tried the new Windex® Foaming Glass Cleaner? Share your pics with us over in our Facebook Group or on Instagram using the hashtag #WindexSparkle



Monday 7th of May 2018

I'm loving this product. With so many windows and glass in my house, it's made my job much easier.


Monday 7th of May 2018

What a good idea! I love the quick clean basket. So smart-one for both upstairs and downstairs. Thanks for the tips.