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Color Changing Water Play

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Today we're getting out of the water and having fun with this color-changing water play activity. This is another simple sensory activity to set up and so much fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

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Color Changing Water Play

Day 2 of our Simple Sensory Bin Challenge went really well and I loved seeing all of your photos in our Facebook Group and on Instagram (use the hashtag #sensorybinchallenge ). We're onto Day 3 already and I can't wait to get started!   If you missed day 2 of the challenge you can catch up HERE.  If you haven't signed up to the challenge yet you can still join in HEREThe challenge is designed so that you can start any time, and you'll receive the first email shortly after signing up. Today's activity is color changing water play and it's one of our favorites!


What you need for the color changing water play

Today we're going to go back to water again and mix it up by adding some color to it! You'll be amazed at how much fun the same water table becomes when the colors change! We also add a bit of glitter for some sparkle!

color mixing water table feature

You'll be amazed at how excited the kids are when the colors start to change. We started by adding only one color (try to use red, yellow or blue (they all come together in one set like this one) so that you can add another color and it will mix well).  We used red and added a few drops of food coloring and some glitter too.

colorful water table 1

We kept the water red for about 20 minutes and then added a few drops of blue food coloring. Before we did this we discussed what would happen and it was great to see their faces when the water changed to purple!

color water table 2

I can't wait to see photos of your toddlers and preschoolers (and big kids too - they love to join in as well) having fun today. Make sure to share photos in our Facebook group and use #sensorybinchallenge on Instagram. I'll repost some of my favorites!

For tomorrow's challenge we will be using colored pasta - you can find out how to make that HERE.

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If you missed yesterday's challenge you can go back and catch up HERE or if you want to jump ahead to tomorrow's activity you can find that HERE. 

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