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Baking with Adventure Snacks

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We've been baking with Adventure Snacks this week and have been having a great time reviewing some of their latest products.

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Baking with Adventure Snacks - Review

I have to confess that while my kids love baking (and I love baking with them), I'm not great at it. Baking is definitely not my strong point and I'm often keen for a short cut. While there are lots of packet mixes out there that tick the convenience box, their ingredients leave a lot to be desired. They're generally high in sugar and other additives and are definitely not the home cooked style I am after.

I was recently introduced to Adventure Snacks, who have a great solution to this problem! Adventure snacks are make-at-home mixes using only the highest quality natural ingredients and are packed full of goodness. I'm always keen to try new products, particularly from small businesses focusing on healthy food options for toddlers and children and Adventure Snacks have a great range (you can see the full range here).

Our Adventure Snacks arrived beautifully packaged and the kids were super keen to get started with our baking!

The kids decided that they wanted to make the Cacao Nib Muesli Bars first and we quickly got started. With the Adventure Snacks make-at-home mixes all of the dry ingredients are already to go and you only need to add the fresh wet ingredients. For this mix we needed to add some water, honey and butter.

These turned out to be delicious and were gone with in a few days.  I even took some to work myself! I did take some photos of the finished products, but I discovered that there's a reason I'm not a food photographer and they didn't look great (the pictures, not the bars!) so I borrowed this picture from Adventure Snacks to show you what they look like. Trust me, your kids won't want a store bought muesli bar again after trying these!

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After the success of the Cacao Nib Muesli Bars, we were keen to get baking again and this time we made the Choc-Beet Muffins. For these ones we needed to add butter, eggs and milk.

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You always know muffins are going to be good when you taste the mix... this one was YUM!

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I KNOW these were good, because my husband took some to work thinking they were 'regular' chocolate muffins and raved about them. I didn't tell him about all the healthy goodies inside! The kids loved them too and they were a 'treat' in their lunch box each day. I also froze these and they defrosted perfectly.

We were definitely super impressed with the Adventure Snacks products that we tried, and are keen to taste test their other products. The sweet potato and zucchini muffins sound delicious and I think I'm going to try those ones next! You can find out more at . I know I'll be baking and stocking up my freezer to get ready for the new year!