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Block Stacking Activity for Toddlers

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Kids love to stack and topple blocks. It's a fun toddler activity that has no limits to exploration and discovery. Add new materials to block play to build creativity and math skills as your toddler plays.

Block Stacking Activity for Toddlers

Stacking Blocks and Sponges - Easy Toddler Activity

Beginning math for toddlers is evident in their everyday play.

  • Sorting cars and trucks by size.
  • Counting stuffed animals lined up in a 'parade'.

Stacking blocks is one of the earliest play activities kids experience and has a wealth of math and science opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers.

We can support early learning experiences with block play with a variety of materials.

For example, adding small kitchen sponges to block play changes the game!

There are new colors, textures, and shapes to explore.

The contrast between the firm wooden blocks and the squishy sponges provides interesting sensory play opportunities for your toddler.

Block Stacking Activity for Toddlers


You can substitute any blocks you have on hand for building and stacking.

Sponges can be any size or shape. You could also cut sponge blocks from recycled chair foam if kitchen sponges are not available.

Different colors and sizes of sponges and blocks will add to the interest of the activity.

You can also extend this activity with a preschool block challenge.

How to play

In this activity, blocks and kitchen sponges are combined for some awesome math and sensory play with blocks.

Simply set out the materials as an invitation for your toddler to play.

You can offer the blocks and sponges in a tray or large box lid, or place them on a kids play mat.

You can also make your own homemade cardboard play mat, with designs drawn in crayons or markers.

Block Stacking Activity for Toddlers

Allow time for your toddler to explore the materials before guiding the play. They are almost certain to start stacking.

They'll also find other ways to use the materials:

  • making patterns
  • mixing sponges and blocks together or stacking them separately
  • adding small toy animals or other mini toys to the play

 This is a fun activity that needs no introduction or instructions.

Encourage interaction with your words and actions.

Let’s count the blocks in your tower.

You stacked all the sponges on top of each other.

A stacking activity supports child-led play and hands-on interaction with materials.

Toddlers will use fine motor and math skills as they play. They will benefit from observing and discovering the different ways blocks and sponges can be lined up, stacked, and sorted.

 Be creative with stacking toys and see what your toddler will imagine! If you enjoyed this easy toddler block play activity you might like to share some photos or tell us about it in our Facebook Group or over on Instagram (follow @myboredtoddler and use #myboredtoddler so we can see). 

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