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Pom Pom Rescue Fine Motor Sensory Tray

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With only half an hour before school pick up, we needed a toddler activity idea that was quick to set up and fun. It only took a few minutes to set up this Sensory Pom Pom Rescue - a fun fine motor sensory tray which filled the gap perfectly!

pom pom rescue sensory and fine motor play for toddlers

Sensory Pom Pom Rescue

Miss 2 loves using tongs. I am often in a situation, scrambling through my utensil draw in search of one of the six that I (apparently) own only to come up short. With minimal interrogation, Miss 2 will then proudly present me with some that had been stashed in her toy kitchen.

It occurred to me the other day that we had not set up an activity using tongs for a little while so they were a must on setting up this engaging activity. Tongs are great for building fine motor strength, dexterity and hand eye coordination.

What you need to make your Sensory Pom Pom Rescue

pom pom rescue sensory and fine motor play for toddlers

How to set up your Sensory Pom Pom Rescue

It certainly makes life easier to place your paper and pom poms into your play tray before creating your web over the top.

pom pom sensory bin fine motor play for toddlers

Spread your shredded paper across the bottom of the tray so the base is concealed. Scatter your pom poms across the top of the paper. I was mindful of distributing the colours and sizes evenly across the tray rather than grouping them together.

pom pom sensory bin fine motor play for toddlers


Create your web by taping strips of your masking tape across the centre of the tray. The number of strips used can be determined by what you think your child can manage. The more tape strips added, the more difficult it will be for your child to navigate around them to rescue the pom poms.

sensory pom pom fine motor activity for toddlers 1

You could always start with a few and then add more to make it more challenging if you aren’t sure how this activity will be received.

sensory pom pom rescue fine motor play image 2

My Miss 2 is right handed so I placed the tray for the rescued pom poms on her left. This is to encourage her to cross her right hand over to the left side of her body – bilateral coordination!

sensory pom pom rescue fine motor play activity for toddlers

This activity opened up lots of conversations around the different colours and sizes of the pom poms along with directional instructions. We spoke about the way the pom poms felt in contrast to the shredded paper and Miss 2 enjoyed exploring them with her hands and toes.

sensory pom pom rescue fine motor play idea for toddlers and preschoolers

The stickiness of the tape proved to be an unexpected obstacle that Miss 2 loved exploring. She loved adhering them to the tape only to pull them off again leaving a trail of fuzz in the stickiness.

Your Sensory Pom Pom Rescue is a great toddler activity that opens up so many learning opportunities for your toddler to practice and refine through play. So easy to set up and so many benefits!

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